january faves

MY JANUARY FAVES starts from here..
         it’s been awhile since I updated my last blog. Today I’m going to share my January favourite 
makeup with you guys. I am a person who always go out with at least a foundation on my face, it’s really 
rare for me to go out without a makeup on. I feel much more comfortable if I dressed presentably when
 I’m not at home.

1.Yves Saint Laurent ALL HOUR FOUNDATION
So talking about foundation, recently I am very obsessed with  a foundation called ‘’ ALL HOUR 
FOUNDATION ‘’ the brand for this foundation is YVES SAINT LAURENT. Usually i always use a 
tinted moisturizer or a cushion foundation as base for my makeup. My skin texture isn’t really good cause
 I have some tiny breakouts and large pores in my face which requires a medium to full coverage base to
cover it . I did some research about this foundation and see some reviews from a few youtubers as well. 
Many of them recommended this foundation so…

challenge is the shit

wassap folkss...

HAHAHA don't mind the picture, it looks like i'm still hung up with christmas vibes LOL.BUT christmas is  over... and guess what? 2018 GONNA COME SOON!! i'm quite excited for 2018 to be honest ,cause i know there will be more memories and adventures to come.

So .. talking about new year, i'm pretty sure nowadays peole like to ask ''hey guys, what;s your new year's resolution? frankly saying i haven't plan one yet. But recently i thought of my biggest fears. My biggest fears is horrors and CHALLENGE. I may look like someone who are up to new things, but .. folkss.. i'm actually freaking scared of what people call '' challenge''. I know it may sound coward of me of being like that, but i guess i'm just naturally used to '' being safe''??
well ... that's how i was brought up and yeahh so far my parents haven't really given me any challenge. Cause i know they wanted to protect me while they co…

why judge?

         hi guys.. is me again. So this recently i heard lots of rumours going around about people out there who did a botox injection/plastic surgery. basically '' judging'' . nowadays?seriously? even if they did it,i believe it won't hurt anybody?

              okay....since few years back then when plastic surgery  or botox first introduced by korean singers i believe that we are already being informed are we not? so it's very normal if normal people nowadays wanted to do it as well. Even if you judge, their face will still be the same, it's not like if you judge their face gonna turn back to how it was? it's just funny la. If you can accept kpopers for doing so ,then why judge people who did it? what if those people who do it, have a big reasons /stories behind it? we won't know. 

              i believe that every people have their own story. But just to note that this blog has no  intentions of screwing over or even judge people out there that d…

My self

  Hello everyone!! my name is Narra Bella puteri. This is my first time creating a blog and first time intending to do one. So let’s jump right to my bio shall we?hehe.

 I am 20 years old and turning 21 pretty soon. ,my birthday is on the may 20 a 1997 taurus girl. I’m currently studying at malaysia (sunway university) for 2 years since my college days.I’m an Indonesian. And to be frankly honest, I really hooked at my life at malaysia and apparently have a malaysian boyfriend here. Never expect one but it just happens. My life here is completely different from when I was in Indonesia. I guess more freedom and more independence for me.?Moreover my parents are not here with me so I was a bit lonely at first. But throughout the time, I really like malaysia into the point of i am sad  to going back to Indonesia. This is funny I know 😂,every friends of mine that study at malaysia always excited when it comes to “holiday”. I guess it’s because my boyfriend is here and I used to the enviro…